Dr. Moshe Avital

Dr. Moshe Avital was born in Ruthenia Czechoslovakia, which was annexed by Germany in 1939. At the age of 14 Dr. Avital was sent to the Berehovo Ghetto, Hungary in April 1944.

During the Holocaust he was imprisoned in Ghetto Berehovo (Beregszas in Hungarian.) From there he was deported with his entire family to Auschwitz, Poland, transferred to Plaszow, then to Gross Rosen, then to Bolkenheim, then to Reichenau, and finally to Buchenwald, Germany. There the United States Third Army liberated him on April 11, 1945. After weeks in a makeshift hospital in Buchenwald, he was sent to Ecouis, a village in Normandy, in northwest France for recuperation.

In July 1945 Dr. Avital joined an illegal immigration group to Palestine (now Israel). The British Navy intercepted the ship and he was placed into a detention camp near Haifa, Israel from which he was liberated by the Hagannah or jewish military underground group, which he later joined. He fought in the 1947-50 war of liberation as well as the 1956 war in the Israel army.

Dr. Avital came to the U.S. in 1950. He earned a BA-MS and Ph.D. at Yeshiva University and has published several books and numerous articles.

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